Patient Testimonials

  • Nisson

  • Barker

  • I recently moved down to San Marcos for college, but the week before coming down here I had a procedure performed on my elbow known as an ulnar nerve transposition. After having 2 previous surgeries and responding very well to physical therapy, I knew I had to find the best PT here. This brought me to PTRC! The improvement in my arm has been amazing. I never thought I would be where I’m at just after 6 weeks. The treatment has helped to minimize my pain levels and also greatly increased my mobility just within a couple of weeks. I would recommend this practice to others simply because it is a great place to go if you’re looking for positive results. The employees here are very personable and all so friendly. I’m glad I chose PTRC to help me get my elbow back and better than ever!

    Jillian H.

  • I am a 62-year-old female with neck issues. PT at PTRC has been awesome! I have a better quality of life, in that when my neck begins to hurt, I have exercises to help decrease the discomfort.

    I would highly recommend PTRC. They are VERY professional, using state of the art techniques. As a client, they made sure I was equipped to have the tools necessary to relieve the pain, on my own, as it occurred. P.S.: Dry needling made a huge difference in successful treatment.

    Mary P.

  • I first came to PTRC after a bad fracture. They were extremely professional and understanding of my needs. They spent time with me to assure a comprehensive treatment program that helped me recover as quickly as possible. The staff is warm and friendly and I always looked forward to my time with them. Given the choice, at a future date, I choose to return to PTRC when the need arose again knowing I would be in the best hands during my recovery.

    Carolyn B.

  • I came to PTRC after arthroscopic surgery with Dr. Pennington in 1997, followed by rehab after R knee replacement in August 2013 with Vikki Hill, followed by rehab for L knee replacement. Also treatment for L5 Lumbar with Kirk Painter due to not being able to straighten up.

    Rehab after knee replacement is hard, but necessary. Both were very successful!

    My life has changed after treatment. I have “No pain! I bowl in 2 leagues/week and play golf two days a week.

    I would absolutely recommend PTRC! Very knowledgeable therapists that are very caring. I’m still doing maintenance a couple of times a week for L5 Lumbar.

    Randy C.

  • I came to PTRC because I needed the exercise and because everyone is so nice here. This is the best place in the state of Texas. I started coming after my stroke and after my knee surgery and because of their encouragement I haven’t stopped coming since. I am now 94 years young.

    Therapy for me was very good. When you had the “torture machine” it was hard but I did it.

    My life has changed because I’m more agile, and I feel better.

    I recommend PTRC to people all of the time.

    Cassia H.

  • I was brought to the practice because I had a torn ACL and needed to regain equilateral strength.
    Treatment was great, the therapist encouraged me to reach goals through a personalized plan while really listening to my concerns.

    Now I have less pain, greater ability to function with day-to-day tasks and [am] getting back to my hobbies.

    As far as recommendations, definitely yes I recommend PTRC! They have a supportive environment with a range of equipment in the facility.

    Jama B.

  • I came to PTRC on recommendation from my VA podiatrist. I have plantar fasciitis and bone spurs in both feet, causing much discomfort.

    The treatment I received was much different than I thought it would be. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the staff was great at explaining each exercise and what the purpose of each one did for me.

    Once I started treatment, my feet were tender and sensitive and I seem to have pain around the other areas of my feet. However, within the first few sessions I noticed the pain went from sharp to just tender and I’m much better in 8 treatments and continues to improve!

    I would absolutely recommend PTRC to others!. All of the staff, from Amber, the receptionist, to the specialist and management are friendly and professional. Even on a busy day, everyone has a smile on their face.

    Ginella J.